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CanalsGroening Museum | The BelfrySt John's HospitalRozenhoedkaai


The medieval city centre of Bruges has been preserved to this day; in fact the city centre has been added to the Unesco’s world heritage list. The buildings are hundreds of years old. Bruges is part of Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium in the north part of the country.




Take a cruise on the canals. This is a must do as you can really see a different side to this wonderful city. Not all of the canals run along streets.


Canals in Bruges

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Groening Museum

This museum houses artwork by Flemish painters that span several centuries.

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The Belfry

Climb the Belfry in Market Square. There are excellent views from the top, 83 metres up.


The Belfry

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St John's Hospital

Visit the medieval wards in St John’s Hospital. There are art works, paintings and medical instruments housed there.


St. John's Hospital

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Rozenhoedkaai is where the merchants used to come to unload their wares. This is a great spot for a photo.



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Take a balloon ride or a horse and carriage ride around the city.


Sample some of the world’s most famous chocolate.






Getting there


Get a flight to Brussels and a train to Bruges. The train leaves every 30 minutes and takes around 50 minutes.


Flight times to Bruges

Dublin 1.5 hours | London 1 hour | Hong Kong 11.5 hours | New York 7.5 hours | San Diego 11 hours | Sydney 20.5 hours



Getting around


The best ways to get around the Bruges are to walk or cycle, although it does get a bit uncomfortable with all the cobblestones. There’s a public bus and taxis as well.  It’s a small city centre.




Bruges is generally a very safe city.


Don’t carry valuables or wear expensive looking jewellery whilst out sightseeing as you may become a target for pickpockets.

Women shouldn’t walk alone at night outside the centre.




Dial 112 for emergencies.


City map


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