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National Archaeological MuseumThe AcropolisThe Ancient AgoraAnafiotika


Although heavily polluted and noisy, Athens is actually quite laid back. Crime is low and there are some of the best ancient sites in Europe to be seen here. Athens is city of over 3 million and is the cultural and economic centre of Greece. It is a great city to walk around in as the major tourist sites, entertainment venues and restaurants are quite close together. Athens has come a long way since the Olympic Games were held there in 2004. There has been a rejuvenation of the city. Get free maps and fact sheets on the major sites at any tourist office.




National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is home to an incredible array of ancient Greek art.


Archaeological Museum, Athens

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The Acropolis

The Acropolis was one of the seven ancient wonders of the world and sits on a hill above Athens. The Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom Athens was named after, and many other historically significant buildings can be found here.


The Acropolis

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The Ancient Agora

The Agora was an ancient marketplace where political, religious, cultural and commercial activities were carried out.


Ancient Agora

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Anafiotika is a small but scenic neighbourhood where you can come to escape the madness of Athens. 



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Getting there


Athens Airport is a major destination in the region for airlines all over Europe and America. The airport was built in 2001 in preparation for the Olympics so it is quite modern.


Flight times to Athens

Dublin 4 hours | London 3 hours | Hong Kong 10.5 hours | New York 10 hours | San Diego 14 hours | Sydney 18.5 hours



Getting from the airport



The metro goes directly to the city centre. It costs around €8 and will take you to Syntagma Square or Monastiraki Square. There is also an express bus also that will take you to Synntagma Square. If getting a taxi go to exit 2 or exit 3, taxis should have a fixed cost of around €35 to the city centre and around €50 at night and take around 20 minutes.

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Getting around

On foot

Athens is a great city to get around on foot. All the major attractions are quite close together.



There is an extensive metro network in Athens. Tickets cost around €3 which can be used for 90 minutes. You can also get day tickets for around €3 and week tickets for €1o so it is very affordable.



Buses in Athens can be crowded and the timetables are not always adhered to. The metro would be a better option.



Try to reserve one from your hotel as they can be difficult to pick up on foot. Write down the address for the taxi driver to avoid any confusion.

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Athens is a very safe city, one of the safest in Europe. No matter where you are in the world you must take precautions. If you use common sense you will be absolutely fine.

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The European Health Insurance Card is valid here for citizens of E.U. member states. This will cover you in the case of an emergency but remember that you should still have health insurance as the EHIC will not cover things such as repatriation.

The emergency number is 112.

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City map


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