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KnossosSamaria GorgeKato Zakros


Crete is the largest Greek island and almost like a country of its own. Crete has many ancient ruins and beautiful scenery.




The ruins off Knossos give visitors and idea of what an ancient Bronze Age city would have looked like in all its glory. Hire a guide if you can to get the best out of a visit. Knossos is in Heraklion, the capital of Crete.



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Samaria Gorge

If you enjoy a hike you must make your way to Samaria Gorge in the South West of Crete. The longest gorge in Europe at 16km, Samaria can be a challenging trek, especially in summer. The Trek takes you from Xyloskalo, through the famous “Gates” to Old Agia Roumeli. It can take up to 6 or 7 hours to complete.


Samaria Gorge

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Kato Zakros

The “Gorge of the Dead” is a canyon that is very popular for hikes. There are Minoan ruins along the way as well as a beach.


Kato Zakros

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Peak season in Crete runs right up to October. May and June are probably the best times to go as the weather is fantastic but the island is less crowded.



Getting there


Heraklion and Hania have the two main airports, which are served by airlines throughout Europe. Many flights in tourist season are chartered by big tour companies but there are plenty of scheduled flights that fly into here too.


Flight times to Athens

Dublin 4 hours | London 3 hours | Hong Kong 10.5 hours | New York 10 hours | San Diego 14 hours | Sydney 18.5 hours



Ferries travel to Crete from Athens, Santorini and Rhodes.



Getting around


Taxis are abundant in most towns. Agree a price before you  get in.



If you want to get around the island it would be recommended to rent a car. The bus service wouldn’t be the best and the island is quite large. You may be better off renting a car from one of the local companies.



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