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Lying on the east coast between Beijing and Hong Kong is Shanghai. Shanghai is definitely closer to Hong Kong in terms of its progressive ways. It's very much a modern fast moving city, with a young, fun loving and highly ambitious population.


There are many modern buildings, restaurants and clubs to enjoy but also if you look close enough, plenty of old Shanghai still exists, such as old temples and Buddhist monasteries.



The Bund

Take a walk along the Bund, the waterfront. Best to come early morning or at night.


The Bund


Ya Yuan Garden

Ya Yuan Garden – the garden of peace and comfort, take a break from the hectic pace of the surrounding city.


Ya Yuan Garden


Visit the cloud nine restaurant and bar on top of the Jin Mao tower in Pudong.  Nanjing Road is lit up by neon lights at night looking like Hong Kong or Las Vegas. Great place for shopping during the day. The Shanghai museum is incredibly impressive, with collections dating back to the 18th century BC. The Shanghai acrobatic troupe performs nightly at the Shanghai Centre Theatre, well worth a look. 

Getting there


There are two international airports in Shanghai. Pudong International Airport handles most of the flights but Hongqiao International Airport is also a major airport. Shanghai is connected with over 200 cities worldwide including Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, London and Paris.


Pudong is around 30km away from the centre. There is a shuttle bus bringing passengers to the city centre. You can take the Shaghai Maglev Train (SMT) to Longyang Road Station and take the no.2 subway to the city centre.


Taxis cost around CNY 150 and take around 50 minutes.


Hongqiao International Airport is only 13km from the city centre. Mostly domestic flights come into this airport.


There is also a shuttle bus that will take passengers to the city centre. Taxis cost around CNY60 and take 30 minutes. You can take the subway line 2 to the city centre.


Flight times to Shanghai

Dublin 12 hours | London 11.5 hours | Hong Kong 2 hours | New York 14.5 hours | San Diego 13 hours | Sydney 10 hours


Getting around

Pick up the Shanghai Jiaotong Card. Load it up with money and you can use it on buses, the metro and taxis.



Use the sky blue or the gold taxis if you can as these are most highly recommended, but there are many taxi companies operating in Shanghai and most are reputable. Be sure not to use any illegal taxis. Have your destination printed in Chinese and try to have small change.



The metro runs underground. It’s fast, cheap, clean and user friendly. Most signs are bilingual in Chinese and English. A single ticket will mostly allow you to transfer between lines.



The bus is cheap and covers most of the city. Have the correct change. Most signs are only in Chinese.



Shanghai is generally quite a safe city but you have to be aware of pickpockets. Don’t get drunk and look for trouble as you will probably find it.


Be aware of scams. Don’t follow anyone for drinks, food, massages etc as you may get left with a large bill.


There was a large crush at the shoreline on New Year’s Eve 2014, which killed 36 people. If you are here on New Year’s Eve find a safe place from which to enjoy the fireworks.



Don’t drink the tap water. Imported bottled water can be found at some large department stores but most local bottled local water is fine.


Air pollution is a problem here as in most large Chinese cities. Check the Air Pollution Index before you go outside. Buy a face mask if you have respiratory problems.


There are many hospitals and medical clinics in Shanghai that treat foreigners almost exclusively. Ask at your hotel reception for their locations.


Have travel insurance and make sure to keep any receipts from a doctor or hospital. 

City map


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