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The land of the Pharoahs, Egypt is a must see. Stay in a modern air conditioned hotel, next door to the ancient Pyramids of Gisa. The dry arid desert lies beside the lush Nile Valley.


Egypt has 77.4 million people, and most live near the banks of the Nile.




The Temple of Luxor

Home to the temple of Luxor, which was built in dedication to the Amun, the creator God. The temple was built by Amenhotep III. There is also a very nice museum on the waterfront, the Luxor Museum. Take a taxi or walk around this lovely (and lively) Egyptian town.


Temple of Luxor

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The Valley of the Kings

A must see is the Valley of the Kings. Situated in the Theban Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings is home to at least 70 tombs, many of which are well preserved.


The Valley of the Kings

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The tomb of King Tutankhamen is here. It was discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon in 1922, and is 3000 years old. Tutankhamen was a 19 year old Pharoah. It can be pricey however and of course his Mummy does not reside here anymore. There are plenty of other interesting tombs, for example, Ramses III, or Tuthmosis III.



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Abu Simbel


Abu Simbel in southern Egypt are two temples cut out of solid rock. The Great Temple and the Small Temple date back to the 13th Century when Egypt were under the rule of Ramesses II. Abu Simbel was designed and constructed in such a way as that twice a year the statues of the four gods at the back of the temple are illuminated by sunlight which floods the chamber.


Abu Simbel 


Mount Sinai

Gebel Musa (Mount Moses) has a magnificent view from the top. It’s no wonder at 7500ft high. The best time to come up here would be at sunrise. According to the bible, God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on the summit.


St Catherine’s Monastery stands on the site where Moses is said to have encountered the Burning Bush. Visit the Ossuary where the bones of monks reside as well as the full skeleton of an Archbishop.


Mount Sinai

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The Desert

Travel into the desert. The Bahanya Oasis is reachable on your own but to go any further you should go on a tour. The Oasis is beautiful, with lots of small villages with mudbrick houses.


Going into the desert, you can go for short 4x4 trips, or much longer trips a few days long, With camels and campfires. The terrain is otherworldly, like nothing you will see elsewhere. This would not be recommended on your own, there’s the danger of sandstorms, and you could get lost.


The Desert, Egypt

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On the other hand Egypt also has perfect beaches, blue seas, great diving with plenty of shipwrecks. Some of the resorts include Sharm El Sheik, Port Ghalib, Hurghada. 


Beach, Egypt


Suez Canal

Nearly 200km long, the famous Suez Canal reduced the route from India to Western Europe by almost 8000km.



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The best time to visit Egypt is probably October and November as the weather is warm but not too hot. It does get very hot in the summer but it’s a dry heat, it rarely gets humid.


In an emergency look for the tourist police. They wear green and white armband and many speak English. 123 is the emergency number.


Egypt is a Muslim country so be conservative in the way you dress and act. Do not kiss in public.


La Shukran means no thanks. Remember this when you are getting hassled by merchants. If you are looking to buy; keep only a small amount of money on you so you can get a better price. If the merchant sees a large amount of money in your wallet he will look for a higher price.


Getting there


There are airports in Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm el Sheikh, uxor, Marsa Alem and Aswen. Many major airlines fly into Egypt.




There is a high security risk in Egypt at the moment. The resort areas off Sharm el Sheikh and the tourist areas such as Luxor are safe enough but be sure to check out the area you are heading to online before you go. The country has been unsettled ever since President Morsi was removed from office in 2013. If you see demonstrations beginning leave the area as quick as you can.


Car jackings and muggings have increased in the last few years.



Outside the major cities, healthcare is very basic. Cairo has the best hospitals. Make sure you have travel insurance.


It is recommended that anyone travelling to Egypt gets a Hepatitis A vaccine.


Avoid live animal markets where poultry are present as there is a small risk of bird flu.



Minfadlak – please


Shokran – thank you


Taxis – agree on price before you leave


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