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The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous road trips in Australia and covers an area between Melbourne and Adelaide. Some of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road include:


Torquay - the surfing capital of Australia, Quicksilver and Ripcurl are based here. There's a surfing museum and Bells' Beach is near here.


Apollo Bay - popular beach resort with lots of touristy things to do.


Cape Otway - Rainforests, you leave the road at this stage and go inland.


The Gibson Steps


This is the first stop off in Port Campbell National Park, the steps refer to the staircase that leads down to the beach here. 


Gibson Steps


12 Apostles


The 12 Aopstles are famous rock stacks, there's actually only eight left, and there was only ever nine.  The best thing to do would be to get the helicopter ride and view them from the sky, the helicopters are right across the road from the Apostles, and cost around $145.


The Twelve Apostles


Loch Ard - beautiful area with steps leading down from the cliffs to a beach below with caves in the cliff face.


The Arch/London Bridge


The London Arch used to be called London Bridge due to its resemblance to its namesake. The arch closer to the shore collapsed in 1990 however.


London Bridge Great Ocean Road

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Phillip Island

Go here to see the fairy penguins. At Summerland beach you will see the penguins leave the sea and go up to their homes on Penguin Parade. There's also the Nobbies, a group of rocks that rise from the sea and seal rocks, where the largest colony of fur seals in Australia live, just off the southwest tip of the island.


Philip Island

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The Grampians

Come here to do some serious bushwalking, rock climbing, horse riding, or to see some aboriginal art.


Grampians National Park

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