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Brussels is the capital of Belgium and also considered to be the capital of the European Union as many of the E.U.’s institutions have their headquarters here.



Grand Place

Brussels has a magnificent central square, Grand Place or Grote Markt. Grand Place dates from the 15th century and is a must see in Brussels.


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There are some impressive basilicas in Brussels, such as the Palace de Justice (Law Courts of Brussels) and the Basilica Koekelberg.


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There are nearly 90 museums in Brussels including art, history and military, but there is also the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, which includes an exhibition of the development of comics and a library, and an automobile museum, Autoworld, which includes many early models of famous cars.  If you are planning on visiting 2 or more museums during your stay it is recommended to purchase the “Brussels card” as this includes entry to museums as well as all day transport access.

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Manneken Pis

The Peeing Boy is one of the most visited attractions in Brussels. The original Manneken pee dates from 1618 and there are many legends attributed to it. The costume on the statue is changed a few times a week.


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Getting there and around


Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport serve the city. Also trains from London, Paris and Amsterdam as well as ferries bring visitors here. It is also easy to get here by train or bus from most cities in mainland Europe.


Flight times to Brussels


Dublin 1.5 hours | London 1 hour | Hong Kong 11.5 hours | New York 7.5 hours | San Diego 11 hours | Sydney 20.5 hours


Public transport

The transport company STIB operate the metro, the buses and the trams so it is easy to buy tickets and make transfers.

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Be aware of pickpockets in and around train stations.


If on a train keep your luggage with you. Don’t leave it at the end of the carriage near the doors as it may get swiped.


Be wary of men posing as police officers. If you are unsure at all don’t get in their vehicle, especially if it is not a marked police car.


Avoid Gare du Nord at night as there is prostitution and drugs here. Also avoid Gare du Sud as this area is known for muggings.


Avoid taking the metro at night.


Brussels is no more dangerous than other large cities around the world, and if you use common sense you will be fine.

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Dial 112 for emergencies

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