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If you're lucky enough or know where to go you will experience something uniquely Irish; the session, where a group of musicians will improvise songs on whatever instruments they have ie the bódhran, guitar, fiddle, accordian, etc. There wouldn't be much singing in these sessions, it's more about the music. You could find spontaneous sessions in small pubs all over ireland, and in the larger pubs they put on sessions. These might not be as spontaneous but at least you are guaranteed competent and skilled musicians. Anyone can join in a session but make sure you are competent with your instrument and able to keep up with fast, lively music.


Best nights out



There are so many pubs and clubs in one small area in the city centre. There's always plenty of accommodation, a great atmosphere and a safe environment. If it's a nice sunny day head down to the Spanish Arch by the river with a few cans. You're not supposed to drink in public areas but if you're discreet and behaving yourself you'll be fine.


Shop Street

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Lively and slightly tacky in a good way, Bundoran is a great place to visit in the summer. There are festivals on, the nightlife is great and there's surfing for all levels to help you get over that hangover.



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Derry City


Young and vibrant and with lots of pubs and clubs.


Peace Bridge

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Famous for stags and hens this is a cracking town for a night out, with a party atmosphere and lots of small pubs and a couple of large clubs.

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Thriving town, lots of pubs and restaurants and more affordable than Dublin.



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Small but lively town and great for a night out. 

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