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Ireland has some of the best breaks for surfing in the world. There are large swells generated by the gulf stream all year round. Unless you are a hardcore surfer with a very thick wetsuit you should probably surf in the summer months and early autumn from May to October. However the biggest swells are to be found from September though to May. The west of Ireland stretching from Donegal to Cork is where the action is.


Best surf beaches


Lahinch, Co. Clare - show on map

Doonbeg, Co. Clare - show on map 

Bundoran, Co. Donegal - show on map 

Rossnowlough, Co. Donegal - show on map 

Strand Hill, Co. Sligo - show on map

Easky, Co. Sligo - show on map

Inishcrone, Co. Sligo - show on map 

Achill Island, Co. Mayo - show on map 

Inch Strand, Co. Kerry - show on map 


These are the best known and most popular beaches for surfing in Ireland but there is many a gem to be found along the west coast, if you know where to look. Or you could just stop off anywhere that takes your fancy. The best thing about surfing in Ireland is the lack of large crowds as well as the magnificent swells. If you're brave enough for big wave surfing there are surf spots where waves can reach over 20ft. Just be wary of rip tides and hidden rocks, Irish beaches are notoriously dangerous.



Surf Etiquette


Surfing etiquette is a code of conduct that you should probably learn before you get out on that water.


  • Right of way


The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has the right of way


  • Don't drop in


If another surfer is about to take of or is already riding the wave do not try to catch that same wave


  • Paddling


Don't paddle out where everyone is surfing, paddle around the break and keep out of everyone's way


  • Don't ditch your board


Don't throw away your board when your paddling out as you could hit someone in the head with a very heavy board


  • Don't hog the waves


Don't try to take every wave, even if you can. Leave some for the other surfers


  • Don't snake in


This basically means don't skip the queue or jump ahead of someone who is waiting to get on a wave


Generally be polite and try to consider others when you're out on the water, if you mess up, apologise and try not to repeat the mistake. You'll gradually learn these rules, but in the meantime stick to waves and beaches that are more suitable to your skill level. The most important rule: go out there and have fun.

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