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Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover or someone who just wants to relax on a nice beach, China has it all from the majestic Forbidden City in Beijing, to the breathtaking scenery of the hinterlands. Perhaps unsurprising due to its sheer size and long history, China has the third largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, after Italy and Spain. 


China is the most populous state in the world with nearly 1.4 billion people. The CPC or the Communist Party of China governs the country. There is no opposition party of note. China is now the worlds' fastest growing economy and the worlds' largest exporter of goods.



Tourist visa, apply at your local embassy, passport with at least 6 months remaining; the visa is usually valid for three months so don’t apply too early, or too late.



Renminbi, or CNY – Chinese Yuan. Hong Kong Dollar.


Hotels can exchange your currency for you as well as Banks. Bring your passport.


China has once again become one of the most powerful nations on earth.


Terra Cotta Warriors


1.5km east of Emperor Qin Shi Heung’s  Mausoleum in Lintong, Xian, Sheanxi Province. They are life size terracotta figures of warriors and horses arranged in battle formations.


Things to remember

Don’t turn down a toast of alcohol, this is considered respectful.


The locals don’t consider it rude to stand very close or even bump into you, don’t get offended.


A good idea when you are in China is to find the place where you want to go on the internet and print out the Chinese language version for taxi drivers, or ask at reception for them to write it down in Chinese.


General Tips


China is an increasingly expensive place to visit, especially the more popular destinations.


Tips are not expected.


China has almost 5000 years of history.


For tips on staying safe, visit our security section. 


For travel tips on packing, camping, flying and much more, visit our travel tips section. 


Wages are low. Professionals leaving college can earn as low as €500 per month.


There are a lot of young Chinese professionals moving back home from working in the west and these will most likely be ahead of you in the queue for a job.


Try and set up interviews before you go.


Learn the language.


Teaching English is the most common employment for foreigners coming to China. You will need English as your first language, a Bachelors Degree, and two years teaching experience.


When applying for a visa you will need:


A passport with six months validity left before expiration.


A completed Visa Application Form with a recent passport photo. (


Invitation letter from the company that you want to work for.


Work Permit


Visit a Chinese Embassy to apply.


It will take 3 or 4 days to process.


The visa will be issued in your actual passport.


Passport should have three months more validity left than the amount of time you are looking for, ie if you are looking for a 6 month working visa there should be 9 months left.


Complete the visa application form on your computer as a handwritten form is not acceptable.


Print a hard copy and sign.


You will need a Foreign Experts Work Permit issued by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs if you are going teaching.


You will need a Alien Employment License issued by the China Ministry of Labour and Social Security if you are doing anything else.


You will have to provide an invitation letter from your employer. This should include your personal details such as your name, passport number, date of birth, type of employment, length of employment and should be printed on a letterhead. 

Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China.


Fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco, they are not a traditional Chinese custom.


Paper money was invented in China 1400 years ago.


Over 35 million people still live in caves.


Mount Everest marks the border between China and Nepal.


The Giant Panda is found near the Yangtze River.


China hosted the Olympic Games in 2008.


China executes four times as many prisoners as the rest of the world combined.


The Wheelbarrow was invented in China. 

Population: 1350000000
Climate: Tropical/Temperate/ subtropical
Currency: Renminbi (yuan)
Language: Standard Chinese
Religion: Confucianism,Taoism, Buddhism
Sport: Martial Arts,Soccer, Basketball,Table Tennis
Capital city: Beijing
Drives on: Right
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