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With great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, majestic mountains and great beaches, Thailand is a magnet for travellers the world over. 


Getting there

There are airports in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi airport), Phuket and Chiang Mai.


Getting Around


There are many airlines that can take youto other parts of the country such as AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, Orient Thai, Nok Air and Thai Airways.


From the Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport)


Get an official taxi or shuttle, go to a desk. Do not go with someone who approaches you, do not listen to a taxi driver who tells you your hotel is closed or suggests another.


There will be a 50 Baht surcharge from the airport.



State Railway of Thailand (SRT)



Tourist buses are aplenty



There are ferries to take you to the islands.



When you check in, make sure your lock is working; know where the emergency exits are and if there is a smoke alarm.


Lock all valuables in the hotel safe at reception. DO NOT leave them in your room.


Get hotel to translate name of your hotel into Thai for taxi drivers. They will probably have business cards in both languages.


Never swim alone, beaches can be dangerous. Do not walk along beaches at night.


Women – try not to dress too provocatively as this can be misinterpreted. If getting taxi on your own, cover up. Be precise where you want to go and try not to engage in conversation.


Do not buy or consume drugs, apart from the obvious dangers to health, police may be involved. You do not want to end up in a Thai prison.


Beware of scam artists; be cautious of people approaching you out of the blue with offers.


Beware of people coming up to you when you are queuing for a tourist attraction and telling you it is closed, and then trying to persuade you to take a tuk tuk tour, where you will be brought to tailor shops and gem shops.


Always tell the taxi driver to put on the meter.



Tourist Police – 1155, 02281505

Mobile Police – 191

Fire Brigade – 199

Ambulance – 022551133 – 6

Tourist Service Centre – 1672


For more tips on staying safe, visit our security section. 



Whilst private hospitals in Thailand are of a very high standard, public hospitals leave a lot to be desired and you can still end up with a large bill. Make sure you have travel insurance.


Wear mosquito repellent with DEET as Dengue fever is present in Thailand.




UK – 023058333

US – 022054000

Australia – 023446300

Other info

Carry copies of your passport, NOT your actual passport, leave this in hotel safe.


Print colour copy and have it laminated.


Hiring a car – do not hand over your passport, go somewhere else.


Weather – Dry season, wet season, cool season. It is a large country so the climate varies depending on where you are


English is understood throughout Thailand.


Official language is Thai, but English is widespread. Buddhism has a major influence here. Thailand is a tropical country, absolutely stunning with so much to see and do. Beautiful  beach resorts, bustling cities, the jungles of the North, the Islands.


For travel tips on packing, camping, flying and much more, visit our travel tips section. 


Things to do

Mae Sa Elephant Training Centre


The Grand Palace, Bangkok


Wat Suthep Temple – Chiang Mai


Kanchanabari – (bridge on the River Quai)


Elephant Trekking


Kayaking  - Phi Phi Le


Suwan Ku Ha Cave


Tourist info

+66 (0) 2250-5500







April and May – hottest

June to October  - monsoons

November to February – cool, best time to visit




Thailand has a year round tropical climate and the country is truly beautiful. The healthcare is very good here as long as you can go private. The cost of living including rent is very cheap and you can quite easliy live a good lifestyle here that you would be used to in the west for a low cost. 


You will need a visa and a work permit to work in Thailand. There are many jobs that foreigners are not allowed to work at in Thailand. Check out to see if your job is on the list.


Citizens of most western countries do not need to get an entry visa and are entitled to stay in Thailand for 30 days. You will need to show proof of onward travel. If staying beyond this you will need to visit a Thai Embassy for a valid visa. Do not overstay as you will get fined and maybe even arrested.

Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice.


Thailand means “land of the free”. It’s the only country in Southeast Asia that was never coloniszed by a European country.


Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the nation’s national sport.


Thailand was previously known as Siam and its where the Siamese cat came from as well as the term for conjoined twin, Siamese twins.


Bangkok once had many canals, but most have now been filled. 

Population: 66000000
Climate: Tropical
Currency: Baht
Language: Thai
Religion: Buddhism
Sport: Muay Thai
Capital city: Bangkok
Drives on: Left
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