Parachuting or skydiving is jumping from an airplane and using a parachute to slow down the descent and land safely. There are companies and clubs all over the world where you can do this.


Tandem Jump

Jumps start from 10,000ft but can go higher depending on the club. You will be safely strapped to a qualified instructor. Definitely the best way to do it if you are only planning on doing it once or are short on time. You get to jump from much higher than a solo.


Tandem Skydive



You will have to do a course for this but generally you will be jumping by the end of the first day. 3000ft is the norm.


Solo Skydive


Best places to skydive



Great views of the island. Skydive over Waikiki BEach in Honolulu. 


Waikiki Beach, Honolulu



There are numerous companies offering skydiving packages in one of the most scenic places in the world.





Great beaches and scenery. Wollongong beach is a popular spot, as well as the Northern Beaches. 


East Coast, Australia

Mission beach and Cairns are two great places to skydive.


Namib desert, Namibia

Incredibly vast, views of the desert and the sea.


Namib Desert, Namibia


Base Jumping


Buildings. Antenna.Spans.Earth


Base jumping is much more dangerous than skydiving as you are jumping from a much lower altitude which means you don’t have the time to correct any mistakes. It is 43 times more dangerous than skydiving.  It’s also 43 times more thrilling.


Some of the best and most famous places to Base jump from include:


Perrine Bridge, Idaho

Jumping is allowed here all year around without a permit, which makes it very popular.


Yosemite National Park

The first Base jump was done off El Capitan, a 3000ft drop in 1978. It’s illegal now however, so don’t get caught.


El Capitan


Other great places to base jump are, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Mt Thor on Baffin Island in Canada, Troll Wall in Norway and the Cave of Swallows, Mexico.



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