White water rafting is one of the most thrilling activities you can do. There are rivers in many countries all over the world that have suitable white water to enjoy. Even better are long rafting trips that combine white water with slower running water and camping.


White water rafting


Some examples include:


North Johnstone River, Queensland, Australia

You get dropped off by helicopter as it’s the only way in. The trip takes around four days. There are some grade 4 and 5 rapids so you need to have an idea of what you’re doing or be a quick learner, and brave.


There are some other options in Queensland for the inexperienced rafter. The Tully and Barron rivers near Cairns are great fun for white water rafting and can be completed in a few hours. 




Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Beneath the incredible Victoria Falls runs the magnificent Zambezi. Enjoy a thrilling white water experience.


Victoria Falls


Deschutes River, Oregan

This river is known for having a lot of falls and is very exciting. The scenery is spectacular as well. Probably the toughest stretch is Benham Falls. A V in medium flows and when the water is high it is not recommended at all. 


Benham Falls


Colorado River, Colorado and Grand Canyon

What better way to see the mighty Grand Canyon then by rafting on its fast flowing rivers.


Colorado River 


American River, California

Good mixture of Class III and IV rafting in a beautiful destination and great weather.


American River


The Amazon

The Amazon is the largest river in the world, and the second longest. Located in South America it runs through Guyena, Ecuador, Venezuala, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia and Peru. Home to Pirhana, Anaconda and Caiman, it’s a great place to raft.


Amazon River


Mosquito Coast, Honduras

The area is protected rainforest and inaccessible by land. Hire a guide to take you through the class III and IV rapids that wind their way through the jungle.


Rafting Grades

Class I – mild, small waves

Class II – some rough water

Class III – white water, no major danger

Class IV – whitewater, medium waves, some experience needed

Class V – extreme rapids, large rocks, large drops

Class VI – No go, considered too dangerous by most people.



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