Scuba Diving

There are so many great places to dive all over the world. Some of the best include:


The Red Sea, Egypt


Lots of colourful coral and sea life. The waters here are clear and warm. If you want to see shipwrecks dive in the Straits of Gubal.


Scuba Diving in the Red Sea




Thailand is full of great diving spots. The visibility here is fantastic. Try Kho Phi Phi and Koh Tao, where you should see Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the sea.


Whale Shark


Blue Hole, Belize


Descending 400ft into the deep, you will see hundreds of species of fish and shark.


Blue Hole, Belize


Great Barrier Reef, Australia


The largest reef in the world provides so many great places to dive. It has many fish, sharks, turtles, and shipwrecks. The visibility is best from June to August.


Great Barrier Reef 


Florida Keys


Colourful corals and many shipwrecks make this a wonderful place to dive.


Spiegel Grove


Cayman Islands


There are fantastic dive sites just offshore or you can go further to explore some wrecks. The water is warm and the visibility is very good. The marine life here is superb also.


Sting Rays in the Cayman Islands


Cage diving


Off the coast of South Africa is one of the best places to see the magnificent Great White Shark in its natural habitat. South Australia is another great place to see the Great White as there is the highest concentration of these animals in the world here. 


Great White Shark cage diving



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