Mountain climbing is rapidly becoming more accessible and more popular. It’s one of the most exhilarating pastimes there is, but can be enjoyed by novices and extreme sports fans alike. Mountain climbing at the highest level is extremely tough. You will need to be exceptionally fit as well as up for a challenge.

Mountains such as Everest and the deadly K2 strike fear and awe into the hearts of mountaineers, desperate to enjoy the view from the top of the world. These climbs and many others are extremely dangerous. Even with smaller mountains it is always wise to take a guide.

The ultimate mountains to climb include:


Mt Elbrus, Russia (18481ft)


Although the climb is not considered too difficult, many people die on the mountain every year due to weather conditions. Many people underestimate this mountain. Climb in the summer.


Mount Elbrus


Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (19330ft)


This climb takes around 5 days. Quite a tall mountain but not technically difficult.


Mount Kilimanjaro


The Matterhorn, Swiss and Italian Alps (14690ft)


It may not be the tallest mountain, but it can be deadly. 500 people have died since it was first climbed. There are many levels from beginner to expert, Climb in the summer months. It’s a very tough climb.



the Matterhorn


Mt McKinley, Alaska (20320ft)


Also known as Denali, Inuit for “the high one”. What is unique about this mountain is that it stands almost alone. It’s not a part of a massive mountain range. The mountains around it pale in comparison. Although not a technically difficult climb, it is made extremely difficult by the weather and the sheer size of the mountain. Climbing season is mid April to mid July.



Mount McKinley


K2 , border of Pakistan and China (28251ft)


The second highest mountain in the world it is probably the most difficult climb in the world. K2 is extremely remote; it takes 8 days of hiking just to reach it.





Mount Everest, Nepal (29029ft)


The world’s highest mountain Everest is the ultimate climb for any aspiring mountaineer. Altitude sickness and weather are a major danger on this peak.



Mount Everest


Yangshou, China


Yanshou is a county in China and it is claimed by some to have the best rock climbing in Asia.






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