Travel tips



Below are some handy tips for any trip abroad: 


Pack light.


Purchase travel insurance – read the small print.


Cash – split money over two cards in case you lose one – pre paid credit cards.


Paperwork, make sure you have visas sorted well in advance.


Safeguard your photos – back them up as you go. Use a cloud service such as dropbox if you can.


Bring flip-flops for the beach and shower.


Get vaccinations.


Pack a ball of string.


Drink bottled water.


Book ahead for accommodation.


Eat street food, just like the locals.


Talk to other backpackers about tours. The best advice can be from your fellow travellers. They may help you avoid getting ripped off on some tour that you were considering doing.


Google Translate and Bing Translator allow you to download specific language packs so you can use them offline when you're abroad. 


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