Travel tips


If you decide to book into a hotel on the day, you should still get online and check the prices there as you may get a good deal if the online companies are trying to get rid of their inventory.


Check to see if there is good local transport in the area such as an underground or subway. This may allow you to locate yourself a little bit further outside the city where prices are much cheaper.


If you would prefer to stay in the city centre, double check the location of the hotel on Google Maps to ensure that the hotel is as close to the attractions or restaurants that you want it to be. And make sure you have the right name of the hotel, as a similarly named hotel may be miles away.


Be sure to get on the likes of Tripadvisor to get reviews from fellow travellers. Try to get a balanced picture, some people are never happy so don’t write off a hotel if has one or two bad reviews.


Once you have spotted a hotel that you like, check it out on a few different booking sites as prices for the same hotel can vary wildly.


Give it some serious consideration before forking out for a non-refundable rate as you just never know what could happen between the time you book the hotel and the time you leave.


Booking a room where there are no fees for cancellation allows you to book way in advance and get you the best price.


A general rule is to not book breakfast with your room. Hotel breakfast rates tend to be quite high. Instead head to the cafe around the corner for a tasty bite.


Politely ask for an upgrade when you are checking in. If the room you want is free you just might get it.


Joining hotel loyalty programmes are a great way of getting the better rooms. There are huge variations in hotel rooms from better views, quieter rooms, wifi, etc.



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