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Camping is such a great way to travel. It’s always an adventure and there is nothing quite like being in the great outdoors. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you make the most of any trip:


First things first: a quality sleeping bag is essential. Even in countries where daytime temperatures are high, the temperature can drop considerably during the night.


Practise putting up your tent. It could be dark or raining when you arrive at your site so you want to be able to put it up fast. Also if you haven’t used your tent in a while you need to check that all the bit and pieces are there. 


Freeze jars of water to put in your cooler. It’ll keep you food cool and you can then drink the water when the ice has melted.


Bring small sachets of coffee, sugar tee etc. Visit you r supermarket (or stock up next time you’re staying in a hotel).


Depending on where you are going, it would be smart to either have a GPS or an old fashioned map or compass with you. Know how to use them.


Bring lots of easily prepared foods such as tinned beans, pasta etc.


Learn how to build a camp fire. Have a fire kit with you. Bring whatever you need with you, matches, firelighters etc.


Starting a fire:


Make sure you are in a cleared are with no overhanging branches.


Construct a ring with rocks.


You will need tinder (small twigs, bark or wood shavings), kindling (small sticks) and then larger pieces of wood for fuel.


Make sure the wood is dry or not freshly cut.


Light the tinder first, keep adding it until the fire is fully burning. Slowly add kindling until you have a good fire going.


Add your larger fuel one piece at a time.


For an extensive list on the essentials for camping visit our checklist page


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