Travel tips



Choosing the right backpack is essential for your trip. Here are a few tips to help you choose one that’s right for you:


Get the right size proportionate to your body size. Your backpack needs to be big enough to carry all your belongings but not so big that it will hurt your back. Also just think about hopping on and off buses and trains, it’s not feasible to have a massive bag with you. You should only be carrying essentials with you, as little as possible.


The padded hip belt is essential for taking the pressure off your shoulders; make sure you tie it tight.


Make sure it’s at least semi-waterproof and has a tarp to cover the bag when it rains.


Front loading backpacks are very handy for getting at your things, but these can be quite large. Make sure to get a small one.


Make sure there are two zippers, that way you can lock them together.


Use an old backpack if you can as they are less likely to be targeted by thieves.


Only pack to 75% capacity.



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